Square Forest

This will be a “forest” of round vertical rods, each with a number of square “tubes” on it. Each tube can be rotated to any of the four sides, and slid up and down. So the look of the work will change greatly based on the whim of the last visitor. There are many decisions […]

Movable Shapes

movable shapes on stands

This is one of many attempts to create a set of shapes that the sculpture visitor can move around. In this case each shape sits on a base that has the same outer shape, but slightly larger, so no matter how the shapes are moved, only the bases will collide, like bumper cars. Each shape […]


This is merely a concept, but seems promising. What if you had a large umbrella shape with bells and other noise making things hanging from it. The items might stay in place, hanging from above, but when the visitor turns a crank, an overhead device runs around the top of the umbrella, setting off all […]


We’ve all seen birds on a wire, but what if you could walk up and re-arrange the birds? And what if they were different colors on the front from the back? What if you could slide the birds left and right to create your own grouping? This sculpture is done and looking for a home! […]


This attempt has some interesting features but was far less successful than the spheres. Each can is filled with things that make noises when the cans are rotated, which seemed like a great idea, but turns out that everything sounds about the same when it’s inside a steel can. And the cans seemed better than […]


This grid of spheres invites visitors to come up and rotate the spheres to vary the color arrangement. In its first temporary placement at the Burlington Sculpture Park the work was rearranged at least once every day for over a month, showing that the basic concept was working. The spheres we painted with 5-6 layers […]

Boris and Natasha, the Dragons

These two rather tall styrofoam dragons were created to introduce the idea of outdoor sculpture to Burlington, Massachusetts. Hence, they are the godparents of the Burlington Sculpture Park. They come out to play from time to time when there is a dragon-friendly event in town. Boris and Natasha have each been outfitted with a dragon-wagon […]