Birds On a Wire

We’ve all seen birds on a wire, but what if you could walk up and re-arrange the birds?

And what if they were different colors on the front from the back?

What if you could slide the birds left and right to create your own grouping?

An important note:  I want to make this clear: the idea to create a Birds on a Wire sculpture was mine, but in order to speed up the process enormously, I went online to find birds that would work. I found these resin birds, with steel feet, make as garden decor. I then spent hours painting then with outdoor craft paints from Deco Art.

I loved the size and the faceted design. So I bought them from Home Depot (!) They cost less than $30 for a pair.

In fact, if you would like some of these birds, here where you can find them.

If I was 20, I would have created the birds from scratch. But at 72, I hear the clock ticking and I feel the need to keep churning out these works while I still can.