3D Canvas Collage

kids around sculpture

This work was shown for the first time at The Old Frog Pond Farm in Harvard, Massachusetts, as part of an opening of new works, many from the Artisan Asylum in Boston.

3D Collage is a work that you can adjust in various ways by sliding parts of it around, rotating and twisting parts to tell your a different story.

Unlike my previous works, this one is very organic in nature, neither geometric nor pre-planned.

The shapes came about intuitively as I cut them from outdoor wood composite.

There are ten sliding carriages that slide on precision sliding systems components from Igus Corporation.

When the ten carriages were done I then took them apart and painting each piece, again, without a plan, by intuition. I used a set of paints from DecoArt.

I then assembled the parts and found out what sort of sculpture I had created – for the first time.

I had intended to include some found objects and other materials so I added brass and plastic pins here and there.

The video below will give you some idea of the ways the work can be altered and a look at its first installation location.