What if...

…there were sculptures that were interesting to observe, but you could also walk up to them, engage with them, and leave them a bit different?

What if each time you saw the work it looked different from before?

This project is about creating works that are engaging, changeable, and also safe to change, safe for the visitor, safe for the work.

This site will present ideas, some just imagined, other actually built, that people can walk up to and engage.

Learn more about the AdjustAble project.

AdjustAble is my newest work and we are looking for venues where it might be placed. As soon as it finds a home we will post that location here so you can go and.. adjust it.

Projects and What Ifs...

A series of interactive sculpture ideas, some of which I have built or hope to build. Click on each to learn more.

Sculpture AdjustAble


This is a “forest” of 12 vertical rods, each with 4 square “tubes” on it. Each tube can be rotated to feature any of the

What if...
movable shapes on stands

Movable Shapes

This is one of many attempts to create a set of shapes that the sculpture visitor can move around. In this case each shape sits

What if...


This is merely a concept, but seems promising. What if you had a large umbrella shape with bells and other noise making things hanging from

What if...


We’ve all seen birds on a wire, but what if you could walk up and re-arrange the birds? And what if they were different colors

What if...


This attempt has some interesting features but was far less successful than the spheres. Each can is filled with things that make noises when the

What if...


This grid of spheres invites visitors to come up and rotate the spheres to vary the color arrangement. In its first temporary placement at the

What if...