These three works have been placed in Roswell, Georgia, by the Roswell Arts Fund, and can be seen in the Don White Memorial Park in Roswell.

3D Collage by Jon Sachs

The 3D Collage

This new work is being shown starting August 6, at the Old Frog Pond Farm in Harvard. Learn more.

This sculpture, as you can see, is far less geometric than previous works. It was intended to be an experiment in more organic, intuitive interactive sculpture.

My Approach to Sculpture

WHAT IF… there were sculptures that were interesting to observe, but you could also walk up to them, engage with them, and leave them a bit different?

What if each time you saw the work it looked different from before?

This project is about creating works that are engaging, changeable, and also safe to change, safe for the visitor, safe for the work.

sculpture boy

Coming Soon... The Blog

I will be adding a blog to this site soon, detailing the adventures of a 74 year old starting a career in interactive sculpture; learning to build, learning to weld, learning everything.

And the first blog post will be dedicated to this young fellow who walked up to my work AdjustAble and understood right away what could be done. I spoke with his dad for almost an hour as this young fan kept reworking the colored boxes on their stainless steel rods.

Watching him engage with the work made me feel a great sense of joy feeling I had created something of value.