Sculpture AdjustAble

This is a “forest” of 12 vertical rods, each with 4 square “tubes” on it. Each tube can be rotated to feature any of the four sides, and also slid up and down. So the look of the work will change greatly based on the whim of the last visitor, or by you. This sculpture […]

Birds On a Wire

SHARE YOUR PHOTOS We’ve all seen birds on a wire, but what if you could walk up and re-arrange the birds? And what if they were different colors on the front from the back? What if you could slide the birds left and right to create your own grouping? An important note:  I want to […]

Rolling Spheres

SHARE YOUR PHOTOS This grid of spheres invites visitors to come up and rotate the spheres to vary the color arrangement. In its first temporary placement at the Burlington Sculpture Park the work was rearranged at least once every day for over a month, showing that the basic concept was working. The spheres we painted […]