Square Forest

This will be a “forest” of round vertical rods, each with a number of square “tubes” on it.

Each tube can be rotated to any of the four sides, and slid up and down.

So the look of the work will change greatly based on the whim of the last visitor.

There are many decisions to make, such as:

  • How many square tubes per rod?
  • How tall are the square tubes?
  • Are they all the same height?
  • Are the rods all the same height?
  • Are there two or more rows of vertical rods?
  • Do the front and back rows have different size tubes: 3″ or 2″?
  • Do all the square tubes have the same paint colors on all 4 sides?
  • Will the colors be all solid, or patterns?
  • How do the square tubes slide up and down and stay in place?

So the mockup shown here is not at all what the final work will look like.

This is my current project, so expect to see this work in a matter of months. Whether that is 2 months or 12 remains to be seen.